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On the author of this website


Though you can call me π²/6, I actually go by the name of Léo Perrin. I am currently a mathematics student at KTH (Sweden) thanks to a partnership between this school and my home engineering school, the Ecole Centrale de Lyon. I live in the suburbs of Stockholm.

The aim of this website is not for me to tell everything about my private life, therefore you should not expect to find such information here. However, I uploaded my CV because I tend to consider it to be kind of public data; it is thus available here. Feel free to contact me via this mail address: leoperrin [at) ("[at)" being of cours the "at" sign), I will try to answer as fast as possible.

Why this website ?

What on earth lead me to rent a server on my own to host the present site? First, with regards to my moving abroad, I considered it could be useful to help me keep in touch with my French friends and my family by updating a blog (the link is in French!).

It also allows me to keep control over my digital identity by making sure that what google tells about me is what I put here, not what people I barely know put on a so-called social network. It also helps sharpening my skills as web master and designer, competences which could be useful nowadays.

Last but not least, I intend to use it to share several of my passions, namely mathematics, computer science and cryptography. In my opinion, these three fields (in particular that of cryptography) are crucial in the modern society.