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Gnu Privacy Guard

Gnu Privacy Guard (which you can call "GPG" if you are close friends), a software, can sign and/or cipher messages. For more information, you can take a look at wikipedia. GPG is very easy to use in coordination with thunderbird by installing the enigmail plugin. I can but encourage you to install it!

My mails may be "signed" using GPG. It means you can run a mathematical operation on these mails to check that I am their author and that nobody tempered with them before they reached you. However, in order to run these verifications, you will need my public key. Hence my giving it below.

Léo Perrin's GPG key

Note that my university blocks encrypted mails --- they are considered to contain viruses --- so I will not receive ant if you send me one to this adress. I do not have such problems with my other adress though.